Scrolling in appium

ScrollingScreen_AppiumScrolling on mobile handsets or handheld devices can be of up or down,

Scenario: some times elements can’t be identified as those are not visible on screen, but once we scroll down to make it visible, and then can be easily identified.

Scroll is possible in both native app and also on mobile browsers, we will see one by one.


Scrolling on native apps:

NOTE: get the size of the device screen or size of the element on which scrolling needs to be done, so that same code can be run across difference devices.

On java-client 6.0 onwards, we have use PointOptions.point() to assign coordinates and WaitOptions.waitOptions() to assign duration


On java-client version 5.0 on wards, swipe() method deprecated, workaround is to use io.appium.java_client.TouchAction


On Java-client 4.0 version onwards, scrollTo() or scrollToExact() methods are deprecated, workaround is to use swipe() method (implemented from TouchShortcuts interface)



Invoke the mobile application and instantiate the driver

Get and set the driver instance



scrollDown() method will scroll down on screen, scrollDownTillWebView() method will scroll until required element is found.

scrollTillWebView() can be implemented in other way like, you can get whole list items into a list<WebElement> and then iterate the items, once the required item text is matching, you can stop scrolling and select the item. [try & let me know if any issues]

Actual Test to call the scroll functionality


Run the below testng.xml to perform scrolling


Code explanation –

Above script will scroll from top to bottom till it reaches to “Web View” option and then clicks on that option.


Watch the demo here

On mobile browser:

Above method will not work for mobile browser, so we need to use as usual selenium scroll using JavaScriptExecutor.


For more ways to scroll on browser, follow Scrolling browser using selenium
Short link –

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