Jenkins tutorial – quick setup

Follow below steps one by one to setup Jenkins on your windows machine

  • Jenkins.war file download – Latest releaseStable releases
  • Place .war file under a specified folder (say C:\Jenkins)
  • SHIFT + right click on the folder, click on “Open command prompt window here”
  • Enter below command and press enter (to open jenkins server)

java -jar jenkins.war

You should see a message on your command prompt –

INFO: Jenkins is fully up and running

  • Open any browser and enter url – http://localhost:8080
  • Login with your user credentials (for first time, register with your details)
  • Click on “New Item”, enter name, choose “Freestyle project” and click on “OK”

  • Create a .bat file to run on jenkins

Open notepad and type

echo Run selenium on jenkins

Save it under “C:\Jenkins” with file name “Test.bat”

  • Under “Source Code Management” tab, Build section, Select “Execute Windows batch command” from “Add build step”


  • Click on save
  • Click on “Build Now” to run the bat file.

  • Under Build History, new build with number appears, click on latest build
  • Click Console OutPut to see the output.

Console Output


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