Popular IDEs to run Python script


You should have python installed on your machine,

If not, then follow Python download and setup

IDEs [Integrated development environment] help us to

  • write and debug our code effectively
  • makes code more readable
  • provide auto suggestions
  • provide features to easily integrate with other tools.

To provide these above features, we have several IDEs available, from which I am listing popular IDEs and also open source / free, such as

Python shell comes default with the installation, useful for basic level of running python scripts (especially for beginners)

  • Command prompt

  • Click on each of the above IDE names to know how to run python script.
  • Python shell, Notepad++ and command prompt are not rich in intellisense [autocomplete feature], but are good to have for quickly running the python scripts.
  • Sometimes you might get an error while running your python script as

This is because you might have 2 versions of python set in environmental variable,

make sure you delete the older one and retry.

Note: System might need a restart after updating environmental variable

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