Appium test using Java in both iOS & Android

In this post, we will discuss how to setup android & ios simulators and run appium tests using Java.

Watch here for details –

Setup android –

  • Download Android studio
  • Follow the steps here to download Android SDK
  • Update android API levels – Android Studio | Tools | SDK manager | Android SDK | SDK Platforms . ( select the API levels to create android simulators)
  • Create android simulator – Android Studio | Tools | AVD Manager

Download Android device manager to manage android simulators – Follow here

or you can use genymotion android simulator, refer here

App under test – use APIDemos.apk

To get App package and app activity – Use APKInfo.apk

Setup iOS –

  • Download xcode
  • Download from here for UICatalog ios app code base

Command to iOS bundle id –

osascript -e 'id of app "Full path of ios"'

Appium Java code base –

Download code sample from AppiumJava_iOS_Android

Pull the code to you local drive, open the project in Eclipse and run the test.

To run the test – right click on POM.xml | Run As | Maven test


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