Open source UI Automation testing using White framework

Most organizations encourage open source tools to implement automation testing of their products/softwares, and it indirectly encourages testers/programmers to expose more into difference technologies to find best automation tool and should be freely available, so here is what I found a very tiny yet powerful open source automation testing framework to automate the testing process, called White framework.
Hope this may be useful!!!

All you need is –

  • Visual Studio express edition (Completely free).
  • Knowledge in C#.
  • TestStack.White framework dlls.
  • UI automation verifier which we call object spy as testers.

and at last but not the least – some web links/ forums to get the idea about programming.

Visual Studio Express Edition – 
Microsoft provides it as free edition to create windows forms and for writing class libraries and can download the same from HERE.

Knowledge in C# – 
Some of the web links that I follow frequently are –

TestStack.White framework dlls – 

  • Once Visual Studio is installed, Open a new project as “Windows Forms Application” (Enter project Name, location – optional) and then,
  • From the Visual studio menu bar, follow this



  • Once the install done, we will get the white framework dlls under the current visual studio project folder, e.g – C:UsersDocumentsVisual Studio 2012ProjectsWindowsFormsApplication1packages
  • Now from File menu -> Add -> new Project and select class library (change name and lcoation – optional), this is where we write our functions or code to automate.
  • make sure we have added all the required dlls as reference to the class library from the solution explorer of visual studio, if not – do the following –

On the solution explorer – > click on the class library and add the dlls to the references by browsing proper location of package on the local drive.

  • dlls you may need initially – TestStack.White.dll and Castle.Core.dll.

UI automation verifier –
The UI spy can be downloaded from HERE.

All the best!!!

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  1. Thanks a lot. It really helped to get on the right path.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you very much

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this. Amazing intro.

  4. 'Mukesh says:

    Could you please guide on setting up Selenium Grid for automating mobile app and web application. And is it possible to test iOS device in windows after setting up Grid.
    And I an new to automation, please help me in developing framework, I don’t know where to start.

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