Selenium is not a tool or a programming language, but a framework or we can say a language binding library (group of classes and methods) used to write test scripts to run against different browsers.

Selenium supports many languages like Java, C#, Ruby, Python, JS/TS etc… to write selenium tests.

First we need to learn any one of the programming language & then learn the available selenium features or methods.

Then you will need to learn various design patterns & other libraries to integrate with selenium to build a framework.

Course content

  • Java : basic to as much as needed
  • TestNG basic to as much as needed
  • Selenium : basic
  • Selenium : Intermediate
  • Selenium : advanced
  • Framework patterns & best practices
  • Building a framework
  • Writing pageobjectmodel with business flow and page actions
  • Running tests using Jenkins, docker containers, githubActions etc.

The training will be provided online (LIVE) irrespective of your location globally.

Each topic will be explained with real time examples and the benefit, which will help you to understand any existing framework / to build a new framework.

Benefit is you can ask questions or doubts instantly with no waiting and also it’s not with mass audience like a class room, so the interaction will be more.

and that’s not all, you will be getting complete code snippets and their detailed explanation at the end of each class.

After this course done, it is for sure you will be confident enough to work independently in an automation testing team or can attend interviews and succeed on selenium automation.

If you are interested to make a career in QA automation in selenium, contact me for

  • Detailed course content
  • Pricing
  • Timing