Download and setup Python on windows machine


Download latest version of python from


Using the default location or any other folder path

Note: Keep the folder path handy [where python is installed], which we will use later

Set environmental variable

Open your environmental variable, under system variable section, append your python installed path

let’s say, I have installed under c:\python

then, path = …….;c:\python;C:\python\Scripts


C:\python\Scripts is required, if you want to install any python package using pip command.

Verify if python is installed

Start | Run | cmd

enter python

you should see the result as

 Run Python

Once you installed, you will get a default Python editor,

you can find it under Start | All programs | Python x.x | IDLE (python x.x)

and you can write a small script on python shell [IDLE] as shown in below screenshot and hit enter, you will see the result

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