How to run python on pycharm editor

In our prev post, we have seen how to setup python on windows machine.

There are several editors available including command prompt to run python, in which Pycharm is one of the popular editor.

Jetbrains provides Pycharm editor [community edition] free of cost.

Download & install

Navigate to pycharm for windows link

Click on download under community edition section and install


Navigate to Start | All Programs | JetBrains

and open Pycharm editor

New Python project

Click on File | New Project

and select directory to keep your project

Note : Make sure you select latest version of python

  1. Select project directory path
  2. Select python installed path

New Python file

On editor, File | New … | Python File

Note : Python file can also be created under Python package

File | New… | Python Package, enter a package name [all in small letters]

and then Right click on the package | New | Python File

Run python

Right click on any python file on Pycharm and select Run “[filename]”

and you can see output…

That’s all about a beginner’s guide to pycharm.

If you want to explore some more python editors, refer popular python editors

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