Run protractor test in IE [Internet Explorer]

In our prev posts we have seen

Run protractor on chrome

Run protractor on firefox

Now we will be how we can run protractor tests on Internet Explorer


  • IE browser zoom level : 100%
  • IE Security level : keep all tabs either checked / unchecked

  • conf.js modification to run on IE

  • Any sample spec IESpec.js file

  • Download IEDriver for protractor tests

Open terminal from project folder [VSCode : Ctrl + `] and enter

webdriver-manager update --ie

Note: if any particular version of IEDriver not working and you want to upgrade or downgrade

e.g :  IEDriver version 3.7.0 not working, you can downgrade to 3.4.0

webdriver-manager update --ie --versions.standalone=3.4.0

  • Start the selenium server

webdriver-manager start

Note : you can even start a particular version of selenium server

webdriver-manager start --versions.standalone=3.4.0

  • Run the test using protractor conf.js

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