Run appium server programmatically using java

As we already got to know from our earlier post Appium test run,  always run appium server  / appium GUI before running your appium test.

While running automated tests, we have to manually run the appium server / GUI first.


let’s say that we have to schedule our appium tests to run (may be a nightly build test) and we won’t be at desk or office to run the appium server first.


We can write a java code block to run the appium server before running our actual appium test, then we need to do anything manually.


  • Download and install appium.exe (refer step6 of appium setup)
  • Install node.exe (refer step7 of appium setup)
  • Jar file – you may get error while running the appium programmatically, validator or lang3 error, include these below jars in to your project

commons-validator-x.x.x.jar – download here

commons-lang3-x.x.jar – download here

Let’s see how we can achieve this – 

below code will automatically run the appium server and after run the appium test.

You can provide path for AppiumServerlog.txt as per your local drive path, I mentioned the project folder path.


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