Selenium testNG annotations

For the fundamentals of testNG framework and the testng.xml content, please refer to my prev blog post.

Let’s jump into a sample code to get more understanding on the annotations-

These below 2 classes contains all the details of testNG annotations and the output shows sequence of execution of each annotation.

Below examples also shows difference between @AfterTest and @AfterMethod

1st Class: testcase1

Another class: testcase2 with @Test, @AfterMethod and @BeforeMethod

As you can see in above 2 classes, in only one class, I have mentioned @Before and @AfterSuite, as this will be execute only once, so no need to mention in both the classes.Let’s see the xml for the above classes – Name it as testng_annotation.xml

Let’s run the above testng_annotation.xml and watch the output

In testcase1, @BeforeTest and @AfterTest willl be executed only once before and after all the methods run (as mentioned under the tag in testng_annotation.xml)

Whereas in testcase2, @BeforeMethod & @AfterMethod will be executed each time a @Test method runs, we have 2 methods tc02 and tc03, so @BeforeMethod & @AfterMethod executed twice.

Let’s get into bit more depth about testNG, refer testNG parameterization

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