testNG @Test attributes

TestNG framework provides some more features with the @Test to customize execution of test methods

To know basics about the @Test, see the testng annotation.

Attributes are:

description: The description for this method.
groups: The list of groups this class/method belongs to.

Refer description and grouping testcases

priority: The priority for this test method. Lower priorities will be scheduled first.

Refer Prioritize test cases

enabled: Whether methods on this class/method are enabled.

Refer @Test method enabled property

dependsOnMethods: The list of methods this method depends on.
Same, dependsOnGroups: The list of groups this method depends on.

Refer dependsOnMethods

alwaysRun: If set to true, this test method will always be run even if it depends on a method that failed.

Refer alwaysRun

invocationCount:The number of times a method should be invoked.
threadPoolSize:The size of the thread pool for a method.
timeOut: this works with threadPoolSize , timeOut says how much time a particular thread holds, after the time over, thread will be release and test will not be executed

Refer demo

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