Open android virtual devices (emulator) with out android studio

In this post, we will see how to open android virtual device or avd with out opening android studio editor.



Make sure you have downloaded Android SDK, if not, download from here

There are 2 types of files available,

  • Android studio downloads [Android Studio with android SDK]
  • Command line tools only [Android SDK with out Android studio]

I would recommend to download 1st option, so you can download all android sdk components required to open the emulator.

If you want to run using android sdk, you can do so

  • open Android SDK
  • Tools | AVD manager and chose which emulator you want to use

But with out android studio, you need to use commands to open android emulators,

let’s get started


List out all available emulators

Navigate to the emulator folder under Android SDK [Where you have downloaded android SDK], like for me emulators folder is under


Open cmd [for windows OS] or terminal [for MAC OS]

As you can see, the above command returns available emulators. [showing one result, as only one device is available]

Open specific emulator

Enter below command
emulator -avd <deviceName>
In my case, I should run the command

emulator -avd pixelxlapi26

this will pop up avd / android emulator

Hope that helps!

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