Select an option from picker wheel using appium

In IOS,  we have UIPickerWheel element which will have options to select, we will see how we can automate the picker wheel using appium, a sample picker wheel is shown in below screenshot

We will see how we ca select an option from the picker wheel

we can use sendkeys method to select an option, in sendkeys method, send the option to chose as a parameter.


Watch the demo here


Here is the folder structure of the project – 

create a maven project as shown below screenshot

Identify the picker wheel and use sendKeys() to send the string and select the option.

Even we can use hash map to scroll through the picker wheel to get all picker wheel options.

To invoke the application

Get the driver instance

Actual testNG test to execute




You can find the pom.xml from here

Start the appium server and run the testng.xml to chose the pickerwheel option

Note : If you are new to appium, you can follow this below starter post to work with appium server

Appium server

Setup appium for android and ios

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