Integrate Sikuli with Selenium WebDriver – Part2

IntegrateSikuliWithSeleniumAs we have seen on our prev post Sikuli intro, how to download and automate desktop application, in this post we will be looking to integrating Sikuli with selenium WebDriver for web automation.

From the prev post, as you downloaded sikuli

  • Double click on sikulixsetup-x.x.x.jar 
  • Click on Pack2 to download sikulixapi.jar
  • Include sikulixapi.jar in eclipse IDE

If using Maven build with eclipse, then include following dependency in pom.xml

now we are all set to implement sikuli automation with selenium in eclipse IDE

Capture the portion of browser webelement and place it under project folder

qav_uname                                                                                              qav_uname.png


For more sikuli methods, refer Method Summary section under


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