Selenium compatibility chart – browsers and drivers

This below chart will let you know which version of selenium is compatible with which version of browsers / drivers.

Selenium version Browser version Driver Compatibility?
 2.53.0  Chrome  NA  Yes
 2.53.0  FF <= 47.0.1  NA  Yes
 3.0.0  FF > 47.0.1  0.15  Yes
 3.4.0  FF – 48  0.16  Yes
 3.7.0  FF – 56  0.19.1  Yes
 3.7.0  Chrome – 61  2.33  Yes


  • Firefox 47.0.0 is not supported at all.
  • Firefox is only fully supported at version 47.0.1 or earlier, after 47.0.1 firefox is provided by geckodriver.

If you want to contribute to this chart, please leave comment with the compatible version details that you worked or tested, so we can have an updated chart.

Reference : Selenium changelog 

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  1. Jayesh Dhandha says:

    GeckoDriver 0.19.1 is not compatible with FireFox latest versions (Above 60+, I have tried with FireFox Version 63)
    We need to update the GeckoDriver above v0.21.1 to run selenium tests with FireFox having v63.0

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