Desired Capabilities in selenium

capabilitiesIn_SeleniumWebDriverDesiredCapabilities describe a series of key/value pairs that encapsulate aspects of a browser, 
Basically this is used to set certain properties of browser for the WebDriver.

Properties such as:
  • set the path of the browser if not installed in default location.
  • set the browser Version, Browser Name, platform (Normally we use in selenium GRID)
  • to set the firefox profile
  • configurations related to browser cookies, SSL security popups,

Let’s see some of the implementation of DesiredCapabilities in selenium:
A part of the code to set browser, platform and version:

Disable application cache:


Set firefox profile through code :

Refer firefox profile and it’s preferences for more information.

Set firefox installation path, if not on default path:


Through DesiredCapabilities, we can set ChromeOptions (setting ChromeDriver-specific capabilities)
Example of setting ChromeOptions,
Some times we get certificate error while launching Chrome browser using selenium webDriver
error:You are using unsupported command-line flag..

unsupported command-line flag_Chrome

To get rid of the error banner on Chrome-

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