Efficiently get android app package and activity

For mobile app automation using appium requires app package and activity.

There are lot of different ways to get the android applications package and activity, but in this article we will be looking for few efficient ways of getting the app details.

Using command prompt

Before proceeding to get the details, refer Appium setup for windows (Make sure you have Android SDK installed folder on your machine and environmental setup)

  • Connect mobile / handset to computer (debug mode)
  • Open the app and should be displayed on screen
  • Open command prompt, Start -> Run -> cmd
    Type following commands one by one



From above, orange highlights is the app package and activity
App package: io.selendroid.testapp
App Activity: io.selendroid.testapp.HomeScreenActivity

Using Appium tool

Make sure Appium tool should be installed, how to? refer Appium.exe setup

  • Open Appium tool
  • Click on android icon
  • Click on “Choose”, and browse to the apk file

package and activity will be displayed automatically. [Below screenshot]


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