Execute xpath or css on firefox browser

Selenium provides Xpath & css as element locators on browser, browsers provide an option to execute xpath and css to identify elements, we have seen how to execute xpath & css on chrome browser,

In this post, we will see how to execute xpath & css on firefox browser

Prerequisite –

Install firebug and firepath on firefox, and restart browser.

Open firefox browser, navigate to url – http://the-internet.herokuapp.com/tables

Click on icon Image result for firebug at top right corner

Click on FirePath tab, select Xpath and type //*[@id='table1']/tbody/tr/td[4] and type Eval

It will highlight the respective element on browser

To execute css, on FirePath tab & select CSS: (X) and type #table1 tbody tr td:nth-of-type(4) and Eval

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