Execute xpath or css on Chrome browser

In this post, we will be seeing how we can run xpath or css queries on chrome browser

Steps :

  1. Open Chrome browser, navigate to required URL (say google.co.in)
  2. KeyPress F12(opens chrome developer tool)
  3. Make sure we are at Elements tab, key press CTRL + F
  4. Search box appears, then enter any of the below commands to verify

Xpath – //*[text()='India']

CSS – .logo-subtext

Note: if xpath exist, respective element on DOM will be highlighted with yellow color.

Another way to use Console tab to verify both xpath and css , let’s see how

Steps :

  1. Open Chrome browser, navigate to url (say google.co.in)
  2. Keypress F12
  3. Click on Console tab
  4. type any one of the below command and press enter

For xpath – $x("//*[text()='India']")

For CSS – $$(".logo-subtext")

Note: if query verified, click on the result displayed and it will highlight the element on DOM.

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